Mobility for the 8 hr workday

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100 + Videos over 10 Days

Instructed Controlled Articular Rotations 

Warm ups daily before you sit down 

Learn efficient movement that works for you

Circulation throughout your body throughout your day

3-5 minute movement snacks to incorporate into your day

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Ready when you Are!

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What others are saying about us


"I love your choreo and dedication"

I like how perfectly you are on the beat and your choice of music and choreo, and how your movements are clear and precise. I love your warm up and cool downs, I like that you switch sides in the choreo and your consistently and commitment to teaching regularly.

-Heather B.

"I would be in a different place today"

With determination and Terri Lynn’s amazing way of explaining things I can further comprehend what is being shown. If you have not had a
chance to take a class by her, I would highly recommend doing so. The only thing that helps with getting better and fit is by starting. So why not start today? Gratitude and appreciation for this beautiful and strong woman is an understatement of the thanks I have for Terri Lynn. Thanks to her she has helped save my life by assisting in coaching my health. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to Terri Lynn. She will respond in a timely manner and can answer any
questions you may have regarding health.

- Marion Z.

"I understand my hips in a whole new way"

I'm really enjoying the exercises assigned. Terri Lynn helped me to understand my hips in a whole new way!

- Jasmine S.

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