FREE Workshop to Feel your Best

FREE Workshop to Feel your Best

Even while working at your desk job

Learn techniques to move you from Frazzled to Fresh in 7 Minutes or Less. Learn the latest secrets from a master fitness instructor to directly impact your health with movement.

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What People are saying

Jasmine S

Terri Lynn is a clear and compassionate instructor. She made me understand my hips in a whole new way! I am moving with more intention and am excited to perform the exercises assigned. 

Marion Z

I have always struggled with my weight and finding the right balance in how to properly be balanced and the right form to work out. With Terri Lynn's patience and her love for health she has helped me to see that you can be healthy and find love for fitness.

From frazzled to fresh in 7 minutes or less! Alleviate back pain and stiff joints caused by days on end at your computer. Learn how to incorporate movement into your workday and Impact your Health and longevity while overcoming injury setbacks.

During this free 4 day challenge I'm going to show you the 7 minute solution to practice even if you are stuck at your computer for 8 hours a day.  Good news! It is possible to feel better, enjoy higher energy levels, and prevent injury even when you have limited time in your day. Join me for 4 days of life changing movement during your lunch hour! I will show you movements that impact functional mobility to prevent injury, increase range of motion and support a pain free day. We are more than our heads and hands, even when we work. In just 4 hours you will learn movement and mindset strategies that will impact the health of your joints directly and ensure that you have the tools you need to keep your body feeling great during your workday and beyond! Recordings of the lunchtime sessions will be shared, so even if you can't make all 4 days, September 18 -21 at 12p PST, you will have access in the Facebook Group. 


Body Energizers for your workday

Grab a mat and your favorite zoom leggings!  Discover the quick and easy way to move your body while you work.  


Simple Strategies to prevent injury

Learn foundational principles to strengthen your joints with movement! You can proactively prevent injuries with exercise.


Better results in less time

Time is our most valuable non renewable resource!  Learn to incorporate movement into your life while maximizing efficiency.

Learn 4 Secrets that healthy powerful women are using to  Have more energy, feel better, and prevent injury without Expensive supplements and equipment 

Secret #1  


You can impact your health through movement! Mobility is at the foundation of health. Our bodies are constantly changing, so why not influence it to our greatest ability? 

Secret #2


You are not OLD! Your age is not a rationale for why you can't move freely. Simply put: we don't move where we don't move. So let's change that NOW.

Secret #3 


You are more than your injury! We have 360 joints in our bodies. When we experience setbacks, it is important that we have the tools we need to continue moving forward. Learn fundamental principles that will keep you on your movement path.

Secret #4 


We don't have much time! Yet all valuable change requires time and effort! You are the manager of you. You have incredible control if you choose to accept the challenge.

Itinerary | Frazzled to Fresh in 7 minutes or less

Day 1: Movement

Mobility is the foundation of health. We must move the parts capable of moving to support our health and wellbeing.

There are so many ways to move our bodies. But few directly impact the neural pathways that create lasting strength. Learn what movements to prioritize.

  • ​Learn the foundations of impactful movement 
  • ​Learn safe alignment while moving
  • ​Learn to move safely around pain 
  • Learn to directly impact joint health and strength

Day 2: Mindset

You are not old! You need to move to feel better.

We are conditioned to blame our age for our limitations. Learn how and why this doesn't serve our health and wellbeing. Learn how to remove limitations that block your growth.

  • ​Learn​ why your body needs you
  • Learn to ask questions that promote growth
  • ​Learn breath work techniques to assist movement
  • ​Learn techniques that remove obstacles

Day 3: Motivation 

You are more than your injury. 

It can be depressing to encounter setbacks, and we are often thrown off our path when injury or other challenges occur. Learn how to find your way again.

  • Learn what motivates you and why
  • Learn to realize your efforts
  • Learn to set reasonable goals
  • ​Learn to forgive yourself and do the next easy thing

Day 4: Management

All worthy change requires time and effort. 

Time is our most valuable resource, but it is limited. Learn how to make the most of the time you have and reap the rewards from 7 minutes of movement per day.

  • ​Learn to apply concepts to your sport of choice
  • Learn to incorporate movement into your daily life
  • Learn to accept accountability for your movement choices
  • ​Learn to be your own manager​

Meet Your Guide

Terri Lynn Heath is a movement specialist and dance enthusiast. After an MCL and PCL tear in her knee in 2019, she pursued a path to recovery that has brought her to this exciting moment. She is thrilled to share what she has learned about the impact we can have on our joint strength. Increasing strength in these overlooked body parts supports our performance in our sport of choice, and supports injury prevention throughout our chosen daily activities. 


Terri Lynn Heath

Terri Lynn is an Functional Range Conditioning Mobility Specialist, an ACE Group Fitness Instructor and a Zumba Fitness Mobility, HIIT and Gold Instructor. She has been a dancer throughout her life and has taught group fitness for 20 years.  She enjoys inspiring others to incorporate movement into their lives and find their unique Movement Path. 


What others are saying

Heather B

I like how perfectly you are on the beat and your choice of music and choreo, and how your movements are clear and precise. I love your warm up and cool downs, I like that you switch sides in the choreo and your consistently and commitment to teaching regularly.

Becky N

Excellent teacher. Very clear instructions and always offering modifications. I like your music, your choreography and most of all you!

Here Is Everything to expect when you register today! 

  • ​Learn how to move safely around pain
  • ​Learn simple movement to prevent injuries
  • Immediate Access to Facebook Community 
  • ​​Learn how to assess and address injury

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